"Just... Just hold me."

So I had a sudden realization in the car on the way to grocery shopping. With the exception of the jacket, a sword, and a better scarf (and accurate pants), I have everything to cosplay Val from JKMM.

Guess what’s been added to my cosplay list. oops. I can’t afford this shit.

Thank you Merlin for sacrificing your hair and pants to my cause to become a Japanese World War Plane. It’s okay I’m replacing Merlin’s pants, they are the wrong color, and they didn’t fit right. (Now they don’t fit even more BECAUSE THEY FUCKING SHRANK. /cries) And the wig is just hairsprayed.

So clockworkzog and cheshiredengland can we do Kate, Val and Zero this year? pretty please? ; u;

I might put this back on tomorrow for daylight shots, so you can see what I’m wearing.

EDIT: idk why there’s an image?? I tried adding an image but I removed it. > A> and there’s nothing here in my post. so.

  1. nekomasetter said: but whennnnnnn
  2. spiffyspiffs said: Ahhhh I love this! <3
  3. nekomacaptain said: i dun wanna have to buy stuff for kaatteeeeee but maybe
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