"Just... Just hold me."

Went to Katsu’s website to check the date for the ending of online registration, and I happened to glance down at the At The Door section.

I was really confused as to why Friday passes were so expensive. And then I read the paragraph above it. They’re only doing weekend passes, so the pass decreases in price as the days progress.

Which is nice, that way you’re not paying $50 just for Saturday alone.

And I have until the 31st to find a ride to Katsu. Because that’s when registration ends. Ok.

Somebody please find space in a car for me. ;__; I prefer to go up Friday, because it’s less of a hassle for you as a driver, but if you’re going up Thursday, I do have a place where I can stay, but it is most likely out of the way, and I prefer not to add the extra trouble to you. ;__; I only need a ride for Friday, my dad is willing to drive up on Sunday to get me, since Monday is a holiday he has off.

Seriously. Guys, I really want to go. I just need a way there. Please, please, please, if you can help me out I’d really appreciate it.

  1. nekomasetter said: i can look into it again but mom said we’re going up thursday UnU
  2. cozymoony said: I would pick you up if I could. But I am taking train. :/
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